Arlington Automotive supports local business initiatives

Friday, September 23rd, 2016

Big thanks to the North East Automotive Alliance (NAAA) for inviting us to be part of an impressive portfolio of this year’s exhibitors at one of the popular automotive regional events, the North East Automotive Expo. The event took place at the Stadium of Light, Sunderland, the UK on Thursday, the 22nd of September.

The second year’s edition of the Expo gave our commercial and technical teams an excellent opportunity to discover new concepts and innovative solutions in the North East automotive sector and more importantly present our integrated approach towards supply chains supporting major OEMs to reduce costs and increase overall efficiency.
We are delighted to thank all visitors for meeting up with us at the Stadium of Light.

Keith Jackson, New Business Development Manager for NE, commented: “We were pleased to see all the local business supporting each other by a fantastic knowledge sharing opportunity created during this year’s event, workshops.”

Peter Coates, Managing Director, added:

“We do believe in the integration of needs, solutions, skills. Local events open up so many valuable channels of collaboration and for us, being part of a larger group, integration is critical especially when it comes to maximising opportunities locally. The Expo event represents an excellent example of promoting sustainable partnerships that aim to support mutual development”.