Welcoming Thermagal to Arlington.

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

Arlington Industries is excited to announce the launch of a new division – Thermagal.

Previously operating under the Magal Dauphinoise Thomson brand, Thermagal is dedicated to producing thermostatic elements for the heating and sanitary markets.

Following Arlington Industries’ acquisition of Magal Engineering in 2017, the company undertook a significant expansion to its factory size from 4000m2 to 5,500m2 to create further space for wax element production.

The new specialised plant includes high speed in-house designed wax element production machines, automated and manual assembly lines, as well as a development and technical facility with a fully-equipped laboratory – making Thermagal a unique manufacturer in this industry.

Combined with 50+ years of experience, Thermagal brings a high level of expertise and skill to bespoke heating and sanitary applications, manufacturing 18 million thermostatic elements and 4 million membranes every year.

Thermagal’s experience goes beyond manufacturing too, with strong capabilities in design, engineering and project management. The new strapline for the company – ‘Elements under control’ – is a fitting one, encompassing how Thermagal’s products, quality and reliability put its customers in control.

To accompany this launch, Thermagal also has its own dedicated website with a new modern design, providing a clear and easy-to-navigate journey across the technology, products and applications on offer. This carries through to the new brand logo, using a minimal look highlighted with a warm yellow tone.

The substance behind this new style for Thermagal is underpinned by four key values: Smarter, Cleaner, Safer and Lighter.

By focusing on making the most efficient use of energy and raw materials, Thermagal is manufacturing products and systems that are Smarter, Lighter and Cleaner for the environment – with a robust design that makes them more reliable, longer-lasting and Safer.

With this new division, Arlington Industries is looking forward to being able to bring its efficient supply chains to new markets.

Visit the website: https://bit.ly/2R165gR

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