Arlington Automotive provides young individuals with beneficial work experience.

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

Arlington Automotive has provided many national students with work placements and experience this summer and is dedicating even more opportunities to aid the advancement of a student’s confidence and abilities.

In recent years, you may be aware that we work closely with Hereward College to provide work opportunities for people with disabilities. Three students have completed their nine-month placement in June and Arlington is now preparing for another cohort of students to join their workforce this September.

As well as this, three Corley Centre students have completed their placement in July 2018, working in various areas of our business. Corley College is a secondary school which specialises in educating children with autism as well as those with social and communication difficulties. Since this was a beneficial opportunity for the students, we are now keeping our doors fully open for those wanting to return in 2019 for more work experience.

Off the back of this success, Arlington now looks to the future. We are dedicated to developing students as individuals with Supported Apprenticeships which will aid the progression in confidence when working within a team environment. The experience will add also add value when meeting the production targets required within the automotive business; in full and on time.

As part of our CSR strategy, we’re proud to provide opportunities. It’s at the heart of what we do and we have noticed significant improvements in young individuals.  We’re proud to work with many charities and through our work with Deaf Focus, Kevin Mannion was another individual whom we have now taken on permanently in July, thanks to his outstanding achievement during his work placement. With this being said, we look to the future and the feats that individuals can achieve in their careers.