Arlington Automotive North East installs a new Containerised Blast room

Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

In a bid to increase its sustainable and streamlined processes, Arlington Automotive North East have installed a new containerised blast room. This will replace the current gas fired burner, which was used to remove paint from jig hooks on the ED line.

The old machine took twenty minutes to heat before a number of jigs could be loaded into the burner. Burning the jigs took forty minutes and were then cooled for a further twenty minutes.

The new blast room will not only save time through the use of aluminium oxide – removing the paint from each jig in thirty seconds – but will also save a considerable amount of gas. The forklift truck, which is only used for the burner, will no longer be needed onsite, further contributing towards a more sustainable process.

Three skilled operatives from the Arlington Automotive North East team have been fully trained in using the new blast room through Hodge Clemco, and will run the operation.