Apprenticeship and upskilling activities at Arlington Thermal Management, Reading

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

When the Apprenticeship Levy started back in April 2017, we as a company could not let this opportunity pass us by. We sent Colette Tombs – HR Manager for Arlington Thermal Management – on a course with MakeUK, (previously EEF). This course provided us with invaluable information, enabling us to understand how to spend the Levy money with the most positive effect on our business. It created the opportunity for Colette to upskill the current work force in ways unobtainable by the company previously. Through research on the website Colette was able to internally advertise, making the conscious decision to spend the money on current employees. This led to colleagues being able to really develop within the company and forge new career paths, such as Sandra who transitioned from a Factory floor role into a key Admin role. Sandra is now undertaking an Accountancy Apprenticeship and works within our Finance team, something that would not have been possible without this funding.

As well as this, we currently have a number of employees studying a range of different and exciting courses, such as Electrical Engineering and Team Leader Apprenticeships which are vital to managing and improving not only the workforce, but the business’ day to day running. We also have Charlie, who is studying a degree level apprenticeship; Project Manager Level Six, which will be a springboard for him to further his career with us. As a company we believe that the Apprenticeship levy has been fundamental in allowing us to upskill and empower our workforce in the current economic climate, therefore Colette ensures we spend the highest possible amount of our levy, with a current projection of £33,882 being spent from a £33,987 budget.

Without this Levy, our training and our capabilities as a workforce would be miniscule in comparison.