Magal Tech India Awarded Ford Q1 Status

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

Arlington Automotive’s joint venture in India proves successful as Magal Tech India are awarded Ford Q1 status. Magal Tech are a manufacturer in specialised engine components such as connecting rods, thermostats, exhaust manifolds, hood release cables, jacks and tools. Ford have been a hugely respected and valued customer of Magal Tech for a number of years, therefore being awarded with Q1 status is a true honour and a testament to the dedication of the Magal Tech Team.

The award was presented by Ford’s Purchase Director, Mr. Madhavan, and the STA Director, Mr. Rajagopalan. The plant CEO, Mr. J. Sridhar, Mr. V. Senthilkumar and all departmental heads were also present at the award ceremony.

The reception of this award has put Magal Tech India in a strong position, allowing us to continue building on our success with key customers and increase our alliance with Mahindra, who are also a strategic customer.