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Arlington Automotive Team Up With Leading Injection Moulding Machine Supplier

Friday, October 25th, 2019 Uncategorized

Negri Bossi is a leading premium injection moulding machines supplier, supplying some of the most recognisable companies globally.

Arlington Thermal Management recently enlisted the Negri Bossi team with the task of creating two identical machine and robot cells to manage the continual output from a new suite of extremely complex multi-cavity moulds. These tools were built to produce high glass content, nylon thermostat bodies and covers. Some of the body moulds required eight individual hydraulic core pull circuits on each of the machines.

The introduction of these machines ultimately means that only good parts reach the post moulding assembly shop, this being a fundamental requirement for the company as it will eliminate wasted resources down the line. These robots also improved labour utilisation as operator intervention to the cells for parts distribution were to be no more frequently than once every two hours.

Negri Bossi were able to supply a complete solution from their own product range, creating a system that worked in complete harmony with our existing systems, and after being fully operational, they have achieved the stringent targets that were set out during our initial consultations. We now have a much higher level of production autonomy and a significant reduction of non-conforming products entering our later manufacturing systems.