Friday, November 22nd, 2019

Like many of millions of people up and down the country, we commemorated Remembrance Sunday this November, acknowledging the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women.

But perhaps where Arlington Automotive differs is that we did so alongside “one of our own”.

Clifford comes from a long military family, his father and mother both served in the army during WW2 and his father served in the army up to his death in 1977.

His grandfather served in WW1.

He also has a member of his family who was a beefeater at the Tower of London.

Clifford joined Arlington Automotive on the 12th February 2018 and works at our Coventry site.

Clifford has a proud service record, having joined the Call of Royal Engineers from school at the age of 16, and completing his apprenticeship in carpentry, bricklaying and electrical work.

Over the years, Clifford was posted to various units across the world and has been on several tours. He was awarded the General Service Medal (GSM) for Northern Ireland, the South Atlantic Medal for the Falklands, the Gulf Medal Afghanistan, and the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.

In total Clifford served our country for 35 years and is still very proud to actively support our servicemen and women today. We couldn’t ask for a better colleague.