Arlington Automotive Supply chain integrator

About us

Arlington Automotive is one of the fastest-growing supply chain consolidators in the world. Our business is based on driving innovation through integration.

We do this through acquiring companies, complementing and further strengthening our global infrastructure to provide genuine supply chain consolidation to our automotive customers – some of the world’s major OEMs including Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, Daimler and Renault Nissan.

For them, being able to source manufacturing and assembly from a single source delivers huge benefits, not just in time and cost, but also in helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

Arlington’s company structure provides new technology and manufacturing synergies as well as an aftermarket service. And as we increase our global footprint, and therefore our localised service, we will only provide our customers with more.

Our Locations

All (5) UK (4) Europe (4) North America (1) South America (1) Asia (2)


As manufacturing becomes more and more competitive, Arlington Automotive has adapted to be able to offer our automotive customers more.

Modern management techniques and lean practices. Complex design solutions, consistent in quality and punctuality. A depth of engineering capability, and pricing that’s rich with value.

Plus, unlike most suppliers, Arlington fully demonstrates vertical integration. Everything is made in-house: machined parts, stampings, wax elements, technically complex plastic mouldings, plus assembly. From CAD and pipe forming to stress testing and injection moulding, there’s very little we can’t handle.

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Our customers

Arlington Automotive is an independent component and sub-assembly business. We are a single-source tier one supplier to major OEMs such as JLR, Ford, Aston Martin, Alexander Dennis, Kautex, LUK and Nissan.

Vision & Mission

Vision Mission

Our vision is to establish a local module assembly in every major country in the world. This will provide our OEM customers with surety of supply, consistency of service and a greener, more efficient supply chain. Put simply, wherever a major OEM is located around the world, Arlington Automotive will also have a presence. Local and ready to serve.

By strengthening our supply chain, we find efficiencies for customers by acquiring key companies. It also gives us speed and cost savings, the tightest control and surety of supply. And what truly sets Arlington Automotive apart is our integrated manufacturing. That’s because, when it comes to our assembly process, we go beyond just sourcing parts. We design, manufacture and assemble in-house to provide our customers with value and innovation.

Our Values

What truly sets Arlington Automotive apart is our values.


Some of our accreditations



  • December 2013 – formation of Arlington Automotive, founded through an acquisition of Remploy Limited
  • December 2013 – Remploy Limited rebranded to Rempower Ltd
  • September 2015 – acquisition of DPE Automotive Ltd (rebranded to Arlington Automotive Ltd)
  • April 2016 – Rempower Ltd rebranded to Arlington Automotive Ltd
  • May 2017 – acquisition of Magal Cables Ltd
  • April 2019 – formation of Arlington Thermal Management and Arlington Engineered Systems