Corporate Social Responsibility

Supply chain integration is what we’re known for. But we’re equally proud of integrating an effective CSR policy within our company.

Community Investment

Working closely with our local communities, we ensure that all our employees are trained to the very best standard, and that development paths are put in place to further each and every one of our team. That’s because working for Arlington is much more than just a job – it’s a rewarding career.


At Arlington Automotive we approach sustainability with the same vigour as we do workplace equality and community investment. As well as setting quarterly and annual objectives, our 2020 vision is to:

  • Reduce water usage by 1 litre for every tonne
  • Invest in 30% solar energy contribution
  • Commit zero waste to landfill
  • Recycle all metals and plastics to be used again in manufacturing
  • Reduce road miles by clustering deliveries

Our People

Arlington Automotive has a firm focus on industrial workplace equality across all of our facilities. We believe this embrace of diversity is unique in the market today.

Our inclusive approach to recruitment, training and development creates a motivated workforce whatever their age, sex, colour, creed, religion, physical and mental abilities, or sexual orientation.

By being passionate about encouraging an equal opportunities workplace, Arlington believes it benefits our customers and internal teams alike. Our workforce is as diverse as the customers of our clients.